Tuesday, November 13, 2007

HW 28: The Citizens of Iraq

After reading further into “Baghdad Burning” I am now able to more clearly understand what is actually going on currently in Iraq. Before reading this although I was aware of the war and some of the events, which were occurring I was also completely oblivious to many significant events. Reading this has allowed me to grasp a better understanding of what it is like for the people living in Iraq. I was never aware of the fact that American soldiers are raiding houses, and that Iraqi citizens are struggling to live without electricity and enough food. Also the Iraqi’s are losing job opportunities to the Americans. Many Iraqi citizens are fully capable of partaking in work, which involves the rebuilding of Iraq, such as rebuilding buildings and bridges, yet all of these jobs are being given to the Americans. This takes away from any opportunity and hope that Iraqi citizens have of maintaining a job. I have realized that the people in Iraq are living in a constant and continuous state of fear. They are not able to feel safe in their own homes; they are forced to always think about the possibility of their lives ending at any time of the day. I now feel that the citizens of Iraq deserve a great deal of respect due to what they must live through each and every day. This proves that they are strong and resilient people.

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