Wednesday, November 14, 2007

HW 32: Did you get to go shopping for school supplies?

After reading the blog posts from September 19 through October 5, 2003 in “Baghdad Burning” I felt that the most interesting topic, which she discussed was about shopping for school supplies. Riverbend explains that shopping for school supplies is one of the most exciting experiences for young children. Unfortunately because of what is currently going on in the war it is unsafe for children to go outside on the streets. It is unfortunate that children are unable to even go outside their own homes because they have to worry about being shot at or being abducted. Due to these dangers this year, the children were not able to go with their parents to go school shopping. Instead Riverbend explained that she, her cousin, her cousin’s husband and E had to go shopping for her cousin’s two little children. The children had to stay at home and could not take part in buying their own school supplies. Most children were overly excited for school to start because due to the war it was starting late, and the children were anxious to get out of the house and be able to see their friends again. Instead of being able to walk to school on their own as the children used to in previous years they know had to be walked by their parents or other adults because of the danger, which surrounded them. There were many times where certain children were unable to attend school because the walk would just be too dangerous and life threatening. The parents coordinated meetings to discuss how to guard the school to keep their children safe. They also discussed who was going to provide the school with what supplies. The school was deprived of supplies such as chalk, chairs, and writing utensils. All of the necessary supplies had to be donated or provided by the children’s parents. This was very interesting to me, because I never realized how much I take school and all that it entails for granted.

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