Wednesday, November 14, 2007

HW 35: My Experience with Blogging

I have learned many new things from maintaining my blog over the past thirteen weeks of class. I have learned how to sincerely and honestly express my opinions and views about a particular situation or event. I have learned how to express my feelings through my writing and accurately get my point across to anyone who may read my blog post. I have also learned how beneficial and influential it can be to express your feelings and opinions on a blog where anyone and everyone can see them. This is a unique feeling to know that other people are able to read about your own personal views and possibly respond to them whether it be positively or negatively it is still comforting to know that your voice has an impact on other people around the world. I hope that people will read my blog and be able to connect with my views about the issues, which we discussed in class. Hopefully my blogs will provide them with a point of view which they may not have realized or considered themselves. I am the most proud of my progress as I continued to blog, I feel that my blogs became stronger and more personal. After this class I will not delete my blogs, I will keep them up. I am not sure if I will continue to blog, I have found that I enjoy blogging. Perhaps I will continue to blog about things that interest me and things that I am experiencing in my life. I do not think that I would ever blog about really personal information but I may continue to blog about books I am reading or questions I have with events going on around the world. I feel that blogging can be very beneficial to an individual and it allows you to experience the feeling of having a voice, which impacts other people, which would otherwise be impossible.

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Tracy Mendham said...

Yes, coming into your own voice is wonderful--glad the blog was a means for that.