Wednesday, November 14, 2007

HW 31: Donald Rumsfeld

Throughout these blog entries Riverbend continually criticizes Donald Rumsfeld. Riverbend had only negative remarks to say about Donald Rumsfeld. She made it very clear to the reader that she was against him and did not agree with his views and did not respect him. She felt that he was ignorant and absent-minded. I became interested in him because Riverbend was so passionate about her dislike for him, so I was curious what other people had to say about him. Donald Rumsfeld is the secretary defense, he has held this position for two non-consecutive terms and he has held this position for the longest period of time besides Robert McNamara. I then learned that many people do not admire Rumsfeld. It states that people feel as if he does not know exactly what is going on and he never addresses the issue directly but always finds a way to weave around the current issue. When I was searching Google to find out information about Rumsfeld I came across one website that consisted of a large number of quotes that were said by Rumsfeld. The website was primarily designed to make fun of all of the foolish things which Rumsfeld has said. These quotes prove that he is in-fact and ignorant man who exerts little knowledge about what is actually going on in the world, particularly in Iraq. The information, which I found on the internet and the feelings which people tend to have towards Rumsfeld coincides with the feelings that Riverbend expressed in her blogs.

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