Tuesday, November 13, 2007

HW 30A: Citizenship Symposium

“The Media Mosh Pit: Journalists, Bloggers, and Citizens in the Dialogue vs. Diatribe Dance” was a citizenship symposium presented by Bob Steele. Bob Steele was a personal man with gray hair, wearing khaki pants and a green sweater. He often talked using his hands and making hand gestures. He presented his information very formally by using a slide presentation. He often made eye contact with the audience ensuring their engagement in the presentation. The main topic, which was discussed, was voting. He explained the variety of voting methods, which can be used in a particular election. Also he talked about majority rule and majority candidates. A few methods, which were defined, are the Borda Count, Pairwise Comparison, Plurality, and Plurality with elimination. Steele stressed the issue of the fairness condition. He referred to the Impossibility Theorem which states that the voting system that uses preference ballots that doesn’t violate anyone of Arrows Fairness Conditions does not exist. This implies that while each voting system attempts to meet all of the fairness conditions it always fails to violate at least one of the fairness conditions.

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