Tuesday, September 18, 2007

HW 10: Parents monitoring their child's online journal

In my opinion it is important for teenagers to be able to express themselves without the constant parental overlook. Today, teenagers struggle with feelings of loneliness and insecurity and they should have a place where they can express themselves. Online journals allow teenagers to express their feelings and thoughts without repercussions. These journals provide a place where teenagers feel comfortable with themselves. Here, they are able to share their overabundance of emotions with others who are feeling the same way. In Emily Nussbaum’s article, “My So-Called Blog” she interviews a young boy who consistently writes in his online journal. He refers to the journal as “a way to get out his true feelings-all the emotions he thought might get him in trouble if he expressed them in school or at home.” [Kline, 352] Expressing one’s feelings is a natural and healthy way of dealing with particular issues and fears. Teenagers face many difficult and confusing situations and they should be entitled to have a special place of their own where they can reveal their personal feelings. Although they may reveal certain events, which would be disturbing to parents, they should not be denied the opportunity to confide in a personal and private online journal. Therefore I feel that the online journals of teenagers should not be overlooked and watched by parents. They should remain a private and personal area where teenagers can express their inner feelings.