Monday, September 24, 2007

HW 11: "Making Global Voices Heard"

I chose to read the blog “Racism and War: Overcoming Us and Them,” on the weblog site OhMyNews. The homepage of this weblog has a white background with the title of in large red letters at the top of the page. The blog posts are listed below in chronological order beginning with the most recently posted blog. The titles are in a large blue font with the first few sentences of the blog beneath it. This gives the reader an idea of what the post is going to be about. The blog also contains other links and pictures. This weblog consists of many different bloggers. The focus for these blogs has to do with international affairs. The blog, which I read about dealt with the issue of racism around the world. It addressed the different types of racism, and the negative affects which they have on society. This blog also implies that those who have economic and political power and who have racist tendencies can be extremely dangerous and harmful. Rebecca MacKinnon states that this blog has had a large affect on politics, especially in South Korea. Also she explains that the information posted on this blog spreads extremely fast. MacKinnon’s explanation of the blog does correspond to the blog posts it portrays today. The posts are very political and seem to reveal information about important international situations. Also she explains that this blog has a team of professional editors which is demonstrated because each of the blogs are set up in a professional manner and they seem to reveal accurate information. ALTHOUGH NOT ALL READERS THINK ALIKE, SOME OF THEM WILL PROBABLY DISPUTE MY CLAIM that these blog posts provide accurate and important information. Some readers may feel that these blogs do not cover all of the inside details incorporated in these international affairs.

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