Thursday, September 27, 2007

HW 13: The Relationship Between Blogging and Business

In my opinion the impact of bloogging on businesses is more important than its impact on communication that is non-business related. Blogging may be very influential on businesses. The relationship between blogs and business is crucial to the success of both systems. Business can use blogs to their advantage and in return businesses will benefit blogs. Blogs provide support and advertisement for certain companies. “There is little to stop companies from quietly burying bloggers’ support, or even starting un-branded blogs of their own to promote their products-or to tar the competition.” [Kline, 226] Therefore businesses can manipulate blogs in order to benefit their company. Although some blogs may reveal negative information,, companies are able to control this issue by being aware of these blogs, tacking them and privately and efficiently dealing with them. Blogs also benefit from companies by gaining more readers. Also occasionally blogs have the ability to destroy or impair a company because they are able to form relationships with employees in a particular company and obtain inside information, which they can then reveal, to the public. Therefore the relationship between bloggers and businesses is extremely important.

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