Tuesday, September 11, 2007

HW 4: Life Savers Mint Candy

In my opinion Life Savers Mints make the promise of a fresh mouth. They make the promise of a happy smile and a happy mouth after eating one of these mints. Life Savers Mints also promises to fill your mouth with a strong sensation of cool freshness. On the bag of candy and on the website they promise the enjoyment of eating one of these candies and a beautiful smile after eating. Also they promise to take your mouth to a fresher place. They portray the easiness of consuming one of these small but strong and lasting mints. In my personal experience these Life Savers Mints live up to their promises. They are extremely strong and effective. I find that they produce a fresh and clean feeling throughout your mouth. I have also found that these mints are easy to eat and they are enjoyable. Therefore Life Savers Mints successfully fulfill the promises, which they have suggested.

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Tracy Mendham said...

Good--this meets the requirements of the assignment.
Try to write as concisely as possible.