Thursday, September 13, 2007

HW 5b: The disappearance of the mainstream media

In this chapter David Kline dedicates two paragraphs to discussing his views on the success of the mainstream media. Within these paragraphs Kline SUGGESTS that blogging will not cause the disappearance of the mainstream media. In fact he BELIEVES that the media will thrive from the uprising of blogging. Kline feels that the relationship between the media and blogging will actually strengthen due to the fact that bloggers rely on the media to supply them with the information which they then blog about. Simon Waldman REMINDS US “[Their] great weakness, though, is the lack of shape, structure and ultimately meaning [of what] all this amounts to.” (Kline, 244) In this statement Waldman CLAIMS that blogs lack the appropriate format and direct release of information. Yet, I disagree with the views presented by Kline in these paragraphs. I feel that blogging may be the cause of a severe decline in the mainstream media. I DO NOT DENY the fact that the media and bloggers obtain a significant relationship in which they depend on each other. However, I do not feel that the success of blogging will strengthen their relationship, I INSIST that it will only continue to cause major conflict between them resulting in the deterioration of the mainstream media. I ACKNOWLEDGE that blogs do not contain a proper format and they do not provide the public with the actual information, nevertheless I believe that this should be considered an advantage. Their informal format allows readers to easily and quickly read the presented information. Also I feel that although bloggers do not receive the complete story of an event they are able to interact and respond to the presented information, which is an important characteristic. Blogs are rapidly developing and becoming a popular way for people to get their daily news. I SUPPORT the belief that blogging will cause the fall of the mainstream media.

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