Wednesday, September 19, 2007

HW 10B: A Weblog Saved My Life Last Night

ALTHOUGH I DISAGREE WITH MUCH THAT Ayelet Waldman SAYS, I FULLY ENDORSE HER FINAL CONCLUSION THAT her blog saved her life. I do not believe that it is appropriate or necessary for people to reveal the intimate and personal details of their lives online for millions of bloggers to read. However, I do believe that there is a positive aspect to revealing personal information in a blog, which was demonstrated by Waldman’s situation. Revealing personal information onto a public blog, which may be considered harmful or dangerous to oneself may be beneficial. This public confession may lead to a forced intervention. If people who know the blogger read a blog, which contains detrimental information they will be able to intervene and provide help. Expressing this personal information online is actually an efficient way to seek out help and support from other people. Bloggers will be able to receive advice and support from readers who have experienced the same feelings. Although revealing these details is a public display of a personal breakdown it may also be the source of your rescue. I agree that revealing personal information, which may be harmful to you is in fact a cry for help. This online confession may end up saving your life or directing you to help.

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