Monday, October 1, 2007

HW14: Are Blogs Taking Over Mainstream Media?

Granted the phenomenon of blogging will not occur overnight, I believe that it will eventually take over and replace the existing published newspapers. Although bloggers do not have any special training in the particular subject area which they are writing about, they provide a community and a human voice. In fact Denton states that he does not base his decision on resumes and he prefers to hire younger, less experienced writers rather than an experienced journalist. As a result bloggers do not struggle with the transition from writing for a newspaper or magazine to writing for a blog. Also this theory provides an opportunity for people to become successful writers who otherwise would have struggled getting a job as a journalist. Despite the fact that people do not have complete trust in information provided by blogs, the media has also made some mistakes. Furthermore bloggers are able to provide their readers with a direct insight from within the actual source. Therefore, weblogs will gradually build their audience reducing the dependence on mainstream newspapers. Hence, weblogs will inevitably become the main source of information and will decide which stories to cover.

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