Thursday, October 4, 2007

HW 16: The Five Pillars of Conversation

Scoble states that the five pillars of conversation are considered to be the ease of publishing, discoverability, cross-site conversations, permalinking and syndication. Scoble believes that these are the five areas in which made blogging successful and popular. The first factor is the ease of publishing. This is proven to be true because anyone who desires to write a blog is able to. There are no requirements or standards, which have to met in order to create a blog of your own. A person does not need any type of training or special education in a particular area in order to write about it on a blog. Blogs are a place where anyone and everyone have the power to write about anything they wish and express their knowledge, views and opinions with their readers. This supports Scoble’s claim about the ease of publishing and the fact that anyone can publish anything they want. Next is discoverability, which means that by tagging your blog, or by giving it key words it is easily found and discovered by readers. Readers are able to type in any key word, which you have used in your blog tag and they will be able to find the blog, which you have posted. Cross-site conversation is another factor, which contributes to the success of blogs. This is where a blogger is able to see who is looking at their blog and therefore can read the blogs of their readers. Permalinking is where a blogger can set up their URL so that it is isolated and it immediately takes them to their post. This is beneficial to the blogger because they do not have to search for their blog they are able to easily access it at all times. Finally syndication has contributed to the phenomenon of blogging. This makes things easy for readers because it allows them to see a quantity of sites at one time. Also they are then able to expand their blog reading by using this source. In conclusion Scoble’s five pillars of conversation accurately demonstrate the success of blogging.

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