Monday, October 22, 2007

HW 23: With Apologies to Virginia Woolf

It is pathetic that the act of rape has yet to be taken seriously. It seems as if women have failed to gain respect from society since the Elizabethan times. It is quite disturbing that rape still remains to be thought of as a shameless act. I resent the fact that men obtain the idea that they have the right to degrade women in such a manner. In my opinion rape and torture of women has been an issue for much too long. In the particular blog on Jezebel, Interview: Can Rapist Get You Off? Our Question About How Serial Rapist Jeffery Marsalis Got Away With It, Answered the issue of how rapists get away with their behavior is explained. The blog discusses the issue of how rapists manage to manipulate and take advantage of women. It discusses the issue of how rapists manage to continue these acts and remain free of punishment. I am baffled by the fact that society is still allowing these men to get away with this type of cruel treatment towards women. It fascinates me that men are thought to be heroic figures and of utmost importance despite the fact that they participate in these acts of brutal torture. Women have been portrayed as having no feeling or emotion of their own. They are considered to be the property of men. Men are considered to be the masters while women are expected to follow their instructions with no input or consideration of their own thoughts and feelings. I believe that these blogs indicate that the attitude towards the views of women has had very little progress.

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