Monday, October 8, 2007

HW17: How Women Fight

The blog which was one of my favorite posts this week was extremely funny. I could not help but laugh as I read the first few sentences of the blog. This particular blog was about the different styles of fighting between men and women. It discussed how each gender tends to portray different attitudes during a fight. This blog expresses the fact that many women tend to scream, make a scene and drag on the fight. It pointed out that in many cases this tendency drives men crazy and leads them think that women should be put on drugs to control these obnoxious outbursts and burst of emotions. I could relate to this statement because when my mother and I fight we tend to yell and scream at each other and we both drag the fight on. This always annoys everyone else in the household. I was surprised but glad to hear that this obnoxious behavior is actually beneficial to our health. This means that I am in good shape. The blog suggests that it is much healthier to always be honest and reveal your true feelings to your spouse or close relatives. Holding in your feelings and ignoring issues that annoy you is unhealthy. I found this blog to be funny and very interesting. It is something that I can closely relate and connect to.

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