Tuesday, October 9, 2007

HW 17B: How Blogging Impacts The Way We Vote

In my opinion the blog “DailyKos” will be more influential to the way a person will vote in the upcoming election. This blog provides readers with all different issues, which occur in the political world. It informs readers of many important news features relating to the upcoming election. This blog is written by a man who is extremely passionate about politics and who maintains a strong viewpoint about certain issues. He is proud of his views and clearly states his opinions. This blog consists of issues, which are of interest to him. Yet, he manages to address opposing views and cover a wide variety of political issues. Although “Wonkette” provides a great deal of information about political factors, it focuses on one main topic, known as sexual scandals. This is a very interesting topic, which can greatly affect voter’s views of their political leaders. These personal facts about political leaders can largely impact the type of assumptions and judgments, which voters will make about them. Although this blog provides an excellent source of personal information I do not feel that it is as affective in the way people will vote because it does not contain as wide of a variety of topics about politics. Voters do not make their decision on who to vote for based on one sole topic, they need to be aware of a variety of different sources and situations.

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