Thursday, October 11, 2007

HW 19: Advantages of Blogging

The network of blogging has become increasingly popular all over the world. Many factors contribute to the success of blogging. One of the main factors is the format in which blogs are written. ALTHOUGH SOME READERS MAY OBJECT that this format is unprofessional, I WOULD ANSWER that it is actually quite beneficial. The easy to read format allows readers to quickly obtain the important information incorporated in the post. EVEN MORE IMPORTANT is that the mainstream media is able to look at the most popular blog posts and incorporate that information in their articles. Also blogs have an advantage over the mainstream media due to their low cost of publication. FOR EXAMPLE blogs are able to reveal information before other media can even respond. IN OTHER WORDS the speed of posting new information is extremely crucial and beneficial to blogs. In addition blogs are also able to quickly correct or update their posts if they are confronted with an error. MY POINT IS NOT THAT WE SHOULD rely solely on blogs to provide us with our news, BUT THAT WE SHOULD be aware of the strong relationship which it maintains with the mainstream media.

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