Monday, October 22, 2007

HW 22: A Patriarchy in England

After reading chapter two I can clearly understand why Woolf claims that England is under the rule of a patriarchy. “Nobody in their senses could fail to detect the dominance of the professor.” (Woolf, 33) She makes this statement after carefully examining the paper and observing the strong male dominance. She recognizes how women are being treated around the world. The topics of articles in the paper make a strong statement, “Mr. Justice___commented in the Divorce Courts upon the Shamelessness of Women.” (Woolf, 33) It is understandable why Woolf makes such a strong statement about the paper after observing the type of articles, which are included in the paper. The paper directly indicates that The male is the power, money, influence and the ruler. I do not believe that the United States is under a patriarchy. I chose to look at the New York Times, and I noticed that each article equally represented men and women. Both genders were addressed in the articles and they both seemed to maintain the same level of respect and attention. I feel that unlike in England, in the United States men and women are treated equally.

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